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Stand Design Revolution or Evolution?

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

When you visit the same trade shows year upon year, you can easily tire of the same stand design. So should you evolve your stand or re-design it every year?

A number of our customers opt for a mix of both strategies on a cyclical basis, re-designing a stand and then evolving and tweaking it for a few years following that before re-designing it once again. This gives both them and their customers something new to enjoy every year, whilst updating the entire look to remain relevant when needed. Take a look at how the revolution/evolution cycle has worked for some of our clients recently and see if you can spot the difference......

The below is a great example of how a client of ours radically changed appearance following a few years of evolving a concept. Our exhibition stand designers were tasked with taking the retail concepts for the brand through to a trade show environment for their 2019 exhibitions.

This evolution/revolution cycle can be a little "safe" for some of our clients who are bold enough to re-design their exhibition stands every year, challenging our team (which we love!) to constantly find new eye catching concepts to try.......

Whether you are planning a revolution or an evolution with your next exhibition stand, our team of in house designers, craftsmen and stand builders are always ready and willing to help you make the most of your space and budget to maximise your show impact.

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