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Arpa Industriale


Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms (KBB) 2020


NEC Birmingham


The Arpa Industriale – ESM partnership started in 2019 with ESM being chosen by Arpa Industriale to design and build their project at Clerkenwell Design Week, a week that showcases leading UK and international brands in a series of showroom events, exhibitions and special installations.


The Concept:

For KBB 2020, Arpa Industriale in Italy instructed their creative agency, Linea ATC Optima to produce a design that could showcase different product ranges together for the very first time including laminate and solid surface materials.  The design needed to be outstanding but most importantly show the possibilities for these materials.  The resulting design ticked all the boxes, a design that showcased the materials in exactly the right way and a design that was truly unique, which is no mean feat within an exhibition space.  


Manufacture :

The unique design of the raking arches produced its own challenges.  Arches are nothing new, raking arches are rare but racking arches with laminate and solid surface finishes needed some thought. For example, the point where arches are angled has the potential to create open joins, ordinarily manipulation of these joins, aggressive plaining and sanding can rectify this but you can’t do this once the finishes are applied.  Many hours of work in the studio and close consultation with our in-house experienced joiners meant we were able to rectify these potential issues before being cut on our CNC flatbed machine and proved during pre-build.


Every part of this stand was about detail and high quality, standard screens were replaced by recessed LED tiles on the rear and store walls and unique sizing meant that specific content needed creating - it certainly added a further wow factor. Each brand arch featured rear illuminated branding and a new cement bonded particle board with Arpa laminate inlays gave a fantastic contrast to the Arpa products on the rest of the structure.

The Show:

Although the stand was erected in the workshop , any exhibition stand designer will know that getting to site can throw up obstacles and I’m not talking just about access, health & safety and timings, the most common issue that can arise, especially with an intricate design such as this is the dreaded exhibition floor! At venues around the globe, there are approximately 35,000 exhibitions per year and this doesn’t include other events / concerts etc which all take their toll on an exhibition floor. Generally speaking, unless you get a bit of luck with your floor space or you are at a brand new venue or a hotel venue, your floor will not be flat, especially at venues with service ducts on the hall floor. This is noticeable when you start to build a sub floor but unless steps are taking at this stage, the knock on effect would be disastrous when measurements have to be to the milimetre in order to get the design and manufacture to work.  Thankfully for us, minus the service duct in the floor, our space was relatively flat.  The stand went together with ease and the result was pretty incredible.

We know our expertise with design, skilled craftspeople and years of project management experience but when you get to work with an agency and client design such as Arpa Industriale, using their stunning laminate and solid surface materials, the result was always going to be outstanding. True teamwork!


“ESM has been a trustworthy partner being able to achieve the desired result for this challenging project even if the deadline was tight. 

Their staff has approached our project as an opportunity to experiment without imposing limits to the creativity but accommodating all changes and requests, from the very beginning down to the final details. We were pleased to see how design was turned into reality, as well as impressed by the quality of support provided by the whole team.”

Arpa Industriale - Linea ATC

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