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The ESM team is what sets us apart from our competition.  Experienced, passionate and continually learning new technologies and tricks of the trade, as exhibition stand suppliers, they are our greatest asset and will be your biggest support for any stand design, manufacture and build you undertake with us.

Rob Brackstone

Managing Director

Rob, former salad bar attendant, closet fan of Ferne McCann and is a man who loves to cycle for hours and hours and hours.  He has upgraded from his Raleigh Grifter though.  Rob can swim a looooong way underwater, he may be part fish but we are waiting for the test to be confirmed. If he’s not shopping at Wiggle, he tries to keep himself young by listening to Grime and playing Fortnite. Favourite TV quote? ‘’You're not gonna believe this. The guy killed 16 Czechoslovakians. He was an interior decorator’’

Ross Emerick

Sales & Marketing Director

Ross is Sales Director at ESM and has a key and often unseen part to play in each and every trade fair stand that we build. His days spent kicking the top of a Persil bottle around the playground as a youngster paid off and he was soon on the books of Arsenal.  His pro-football days may be behind him but he still scores bags of goals in Sunday football, unfortunately he has had a lifetime of being an Everton supporter.  Ross loves collecting vinyl records, what he does with them is anyone's guess - he often does long hours at work and has a young family to keep him busy, but one day he will write that long awaited Christmas record that will see him into retirement!

Matt Limb

Project Manager/Setter Out

“Limby” in nickname and in height, Matt was once quoted saying that all of his love interests have one thing in common – “Great tastes in men”!  Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that he can wiggle his ears and flare his nostrils at the same time OR maybe it’s the fact that he watches videos on youtube about watches....We’ll let you decide.  Matt’s ideal night would be dancing to the Vengaboys with Dave Grohl somewhere past Folkstone.

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Anne Wilson


Anne runs our accounts department, makes sure we get paid on time, that we are able to pay our suppliers on time, and most importantly ensures that there is money in the bank for us to have a drink at Christmas.  We are sure we drive her mad at times, but to her credit she never lets it show! She has a house in Bath as well as in Rochester, a boat and a private jet. Hang on a sec........and we’ve not made a profit in a decade! Hmmmmm....

Paul Eames

Finance Director

Paul is the Finance Director at ESM and juggles the management of all administrative areas of the business with the demands of account and exhibition stand management for various clients.  Paul has two young children in Charlie and Tom, and delights in making them traipse all over the Kent countryside on walking excursions which we are told ‘they love’! He is also the social co-ordinator for a large group of friends and on a night out is the only person deemed responsible enough after drinking to take possession of ‘the whip’.

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