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RBTE, E-Commerce Expo, Internet World, Apps World
Earls Court 2, London Olympia, London ExCeL

We were first appointed to work with ‘Commidea’ at Retail Business Technology Expo in 2011. ‘Commidea, based in Ashford, Kent were part of ‘Point’; Northern Europe’s largest provider of payment and gateway services and solutions for retailers. Following a hugely successful first event, subsequent trade show stand design and builds followed until the Verifone acquisition of ‘Point’ in 2012. A first project, due to challenging time scales, tailored the existing ‘Commidea’ stand to fit the Verifone brand at RBTE in 2013.  This was followed by an opportunity to develop further exhibition stand concepts specifically conceived to more clearly and consistently communicate the Verifone brand. A subsequent rebrand in Autumn 2014 has led us to once again revisit the Verifone trade show presence at live events for Apps World to better reflect the positioning of Verifone as the global leader in providing trusted, secure and innovative payment terminals, global payment as a service, and commerce enablement solutions.

First Concepts:

RBTE as Europe’s biggest and fastest growing retail solutions exhibition was an important event in the Commidea event calendar, and remains as such to Verifone. In order to showcase the various solutions offered by Commidea to the retail market a number of screens were utilised and supported on glass blades which were rear illuminated by lighting that changed colour on a pre programmed cycle in such a subtle way delegates were really not aware of the change even as it took place, merely only that something had changed in their perspective when viewing the stand. This caused them to once again look at the imagery and messages being communicated via the screens, branding and finishing as they looked to understand where the change had taken place. An illuminated sandblasted glass floor positioned the stand as modern, and was a perfect fit for the retail sector matching flooring finishes seen at Bluewater and other premium shopping centres. In addition all the finishes in being laminated or sprayed were consistent with the industry leading solutions on offer.

Mergers & Acquisitions:

Trends change and in no sector is this more apparent than in retail. In addition recent years have seen a number of our clients either acquired by or merging with other organisations whether this be to find internal efficiencies or to broaden the scope of their offering where a natural fit can be found. Our commitment to always faithfully represent the brand values of a client at an event is challenged by acquisitions and mergers, which can happen even as plans for exhibiting at a show are well developed. Having said that it helps that for the majority of these transactions the acquiring organisation is more often than not looking for a business whose values are broadly consistent with their own, which was very much the case with Verifone and Commidea in 2012. In this instance all the premium finishing that set Commidea apart in their industry likewise suited Verifone and their offering. The changes that we had to make to the stand were also embraced by us whole-heartedly because they gave us something that we love to work with; a tangible range of products that required various methods of display. Much of the stand from RBTE 2011 was re-used with stunning results.

Communicating the Verifone brand:

In 2014 the opportunity to more comprehensively develop a concept that would better represent the Verifone brand at RBTE was welcomed with open arms as our first chance to really get to grips with the marketing campaigns and brand guidelines of the new client. This led us to produce not just one, but a number of concepts for the client to consider, some looking to other events attended world-wide and looking to develop a consistency of message to visiting delegates, and another looking instead to take the brand forward in a new direction, really pushing the experiential elements of existing brand disciplines.  A concept was selected which was consistent with the way in which Verifone had exhibited in other regions, so that the style across these events could be recognised on social media.  The RBTE 2014 event saw the various retail commerce solutions on offer divided up on the stand into categories featuring an area for hospitality and catering with integrated payment solutions relevant to this specific industry on display. A separate retail area was likewise accommodated along with an area to demonstrate vending solutions. A large light-box was utilised in a prominent position to place an emphasis on key messages and a premium meeting space was accommodated within the central body of the stand to place important delegates at the centre of the experience.

...and the re-brand:

In Autumn 2014 Verifone undertook a re-brand that was launched at Cartes 2014 in Paris, and subsequently was to be reflected in their appearance at Apps World at ExCeL London in November. Our concept utilising gloss black laminate finishes throughout, with white melamine flooring and small flashes of colour including blue LED lighting to the kickers of counters reflecting onto the floor as well as sprayed banding to counter tops was well received. As was our proposal of a 2 x 2 screen wall, additional screens to demo pods, and display solutions for a number of phones on retractable security cables.

The new branding was featured predominantly at high level, high enough to be seen above the surrounding shell scheme by visiting delegates but not so high as to become disassociated with the stand. Additional drop banners rigged inside of the main banner finishing at the level of the stand itself strengthened the association between the branding and the stand construction itself.

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