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Large Exhibition Stand Designs

Large exhibition stands can be overwhelming to plan, our team of experts are here to help you make your next event a success, lending a hand with the planning and management of your stand to ensure you have the time to maximise all in show opportunities.  

Whether your stand is a 200sqm space, double decker or features large hanging structures, nothing intimidates us!  We have built some huge stands in our time and can be trusted to make your next exhibition a success.


Bringing Your Vision To Life

A large exhibition stand offers a range of benefits. It gives clients the freedom to use more space for engaging displays, interactive activities, and branding opportunities.


One of the most common mistakes with large stand designs is not making full use of the space available, which can result in a bland, bare or unappealing display. To maximise the use of your larger trade show stand, companies should make use of additional activities such as live demonstrations, engaging games or competitions, and sampling opportunities where applicable. This will help to create a more memorable exhibition experience for visitors.

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