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The ESM Exhibition Stand Design Gallery

Exhibition Stand Design

Designing an exhibition stand takes a lot of skill, there are many factors to consider; from the hall you will be exhibiting in, to the position within the hall, number of walls that are fixed, size of stand, obstacles to build around, services to include, products to display...…. the list goes on! 


The ESM team have designed many stands over the years, some of which have come to fruition and got built, some didn't, but we keep the same work ethic and attention to detail regardless.  When we design a stand, we start in sketch form and then build to a 3 dimensional CAD drawing complete with your logo, imagery and grids so you can get a feel for special awareness.

Many customers find it difficult to express what they want from a stand, so we have compiled a few of our designs for you to get some inspiration and to see what we can do with various stand sizes from small to the luxuriously large.  Click on the links below to take a look, get inspired and contact our team to see how we can help you with your next project.  

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