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In Memory of Paul Eames

1974 - 2023

Sadly, in December 2023, our financial director Paul Eames passed away unexpectedly in his sleep, on what would have been his 49th birthday, leaving us far too soon. Our deepest condolences go out to his closest friends and immediate family, particularly his wife Georgie and two sons, to whom he showed unwavering dedication.

Affectionately known as the font of all ESM knowledge, Paul had years of accumulated wisdom and experience not only in the events industry, but also on a wide range of topics and specialties; he was both a pillar of the company - present since its very foundation - and someone entirely irreplaceable to those who knew him. His sudden absence has affected the whole ESM Team, but particularly our Director Rob, having known, worked with and been a close personal friend to Paul since their school days.


In spite of this great loss, we remember Paul as a level-headed and compassionate leader, calm and uncompromising in the face of adversity, someone who treated everyone with the utmost respect, kindness and generosity, consistently prioritising the well-being of his staff. Always dedicated to making ESM a success, he loved his work as a Project Manager, equally attentive to all his clients' needs, little and large, striving to bring their visions to life at event venues across the globe. We will all endeavour to make sure that the values he held dear will continue to shine through in everything we do here at ESM.

Paul wouldn't want us to dwell on hard times, but instead to treasure the good memories; there is no doubt he will be greatly missed by all his friends, family and colleagues.

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