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Catering for all your trade fair needs

Our team of expert designers, craftsmen and technicians, work together on each project to create an exhibition stand which not only works for you, but exceeds yours and your customers expectations.  

Whether you want us to provide an end to end solution, or a capsule component to an overall trade show scheme, give our team a call to see how we can help on your next project.


Based in London, we create and develop designs for trade fair environments and spaces which complement and communicate the existing marketing strategies of our clients. Specialising in exhibitions, our work also encompasses interiors, retail displays, conferences and indeed any discipline where there is an opportunity for our clients to influence and engage buyers and consumers.


Conceptually we look to develop innovative ways of presenting the marketing campaigns, products, and services of our clients whilst ensuring a consistency with their brand that permeates every aspect of what we do. We work closely with our clients so that we clearly understand their objectives, and we present them with creative design proposals that help them to achieve their goals.

MediaMath New Exhibition Stand

When quality matters and the successful delivery of any project demands that every aspect is attended to with care and attention, there are distinct advantages to using a supplier who is in direct control of each and every stage of the delivery of that project. At ESM we are control freaks who exercise complete authority over every stage including manufacture, with all the advantages from daily quality control, consistency and clarity of purpose, as well as the inevitable cost efficiencies this provides our clients.

We have a purpose-built manufacturing facility in South London with an extensive range of fully serviced and maintained equipment and plant. We employ skilled craftsmen with a passion for the materials with which they work and continuous assessments ensure we maintain the highest of standards. We actively encourage our clients to visit us, audit our processes, utilise our meeting space, and view their project as it makes its way through the various stages of manufacture.

Key features of our works include:

  • CNC router with 3m x 2m working bed, with the ability to cut MDF, acrylics, foamex, sheet metals and many other types of materials

  • Climate controlled spray booth with bake facility

  • Solidworks Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • Stringent quality control procedures

ESM-UK building exhibition stands

Our account and project management team is made up of individuals who love what they do and who have a wide range of experience both in live events such as trade fairs and exhibitions, but also in sectors such as retail, marketing, engineering and construction. We therefore take a collaborative approach to our work that ensures every project benefits from a unique perspective that truly delivers for our clients.


Organised and efficient we enjoy the ‘nuts and bolts’ of a project as much as the creative and delivery elements. This includes all the elements of project administration, health and safety aspects, liaison with organisers and show appointed contractors.  We do all of this with a process in place that has seen us deliver for client after client with minimal fuss. We pride ourselves on taking a thoroughly professional approach that leaves no stone unturned in anticipating where any challenges may lie.


We also seek to understand the structure and working practices of our clients in order to identify the challenges that they face within their own businesses so that we might tailor our management approach specifically to ensure we build long-lasting relationships and provide a perfect ‘fit’ between you, the client, and us as your supplier.

ESM-UK managing exhibition stands
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