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Half Year Report

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Jan - June 2015

ESM LTD was 25 years old recently and has celebrated with record half year revenues up 2.65% on what was itself a record breaking 2014. It is clear that industry is making the recovery happen, and marketeers everywhere with a clear commitment to live events are playing their part in this. So far this year we've been at industry defining shows such as Mobile World Congress, and Goodwood Festival of Speed, ICE and IFSEC, but also a host of smaller events around Europe. Garnering much praise for our work from the exhibitors and agencies we work for.

It is clear though that challenges continue to lie ahead. Our growth is indelibly linked to the growth we are able to achieve for our clients. Whether these be exhibitors who need to grow their own businesses through the medium of live events, or agencies who need a standard of execution in production that showcases their own innovative creative work. Competition is fierce and so the highest standards must be consistently maintained. This is what we pledge to do as the year continues and we seek to make the most of a promising economic outlook for all those clients we represent.

For those clients who have played a part in our year so far, we thank you and look forward to working with you again. For those of you we haven't worked with before, or for some time; Please get in contact; we know we can help you grow!


Managing Director

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