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ESM and the "All Secure Standard"

We know how important Exhibitions and live events are as opportunities to grow your business by connecting you ever closer with your clients and peers whilst providing an insight for them into the values of your brand. With 30 years of experience of working with exhibitors and marketing teams we are experts in taking you ‘live’ effectively.

Part of taking businesses into the ‘live’ space effectively going forward is now going to be doing this safely and in a way that is consistent with the very latest industry and government advice on CORONAVIRUS so that businesses can be confident their staff will be working in a COVID secure environment, and that delegates will feel safe too during their experience with your brand and staff in the same way as has to be the case in the retail and other environments that are now operating safely and securely.

Our industry is a family and a big part of that family are the industry associations that work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that members adhere to the standards and latest guidance necessary to deliver your project effectively and safely. ESSA, AEO, the AEV and member communities including ourselves have been working hard to ensure that organised events and exhibitions can go ahead safely from 1st October.

Over the last few months, our industry has come together with the initiative “Project Confidence” which has been a huge success in detailing just how important events and exhibitions are as a sales tool and in turn how important these mediums will be in driving the recovery from the recession we now find ourselves in whilst facing the twin challenges of COVID secure compliance going forward and with Brexit due to become a reality at the end of January.

Our organisations have worked extremely hard in recent months to produce the “All Secure Standard”, a government recognised and approved proposal that outlines what measures exhibition organisers, venues and suppliers are taking to ensure the health & safety all of its visitors, exhibitors and event personnel in response to Covid-19 and how these measures will be implemented.

The ‘All Secure Standard’ will be revised regularly in response to changing advice and reflecting the experience of several pilot events being held throughout August and September in advance of a 1st October return date for wider events and conferences.

ESM Ltd stands fully behind the ‘All Secure Standard’ in line with our industry venues, organisers and organiser appointed contractors so you can be confident in the approach all of us take to your projects and that we will provide the very best environment given the circumstances we face in order for you to promote your brand and sell your services and products safely and successfully.

For full details of the industry All Secure Standard, please see the below pdf:

Industry All Secure Standard 051420 ver
Download • 149KB

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