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A Few Of Our Favourite Things

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

When you work in the exhibition stand design industry, you get the privilege of working on a number of fantastic stands and with some brilliant brands - not all of whom have huge budgets to spend on big spaces with all the whistles and bells, but none-the-less they are just as enjoyable to work on.

Throughout the year our exhibition stand build team have completed projects across the UK and into Europe, as we head into 2020, we asked a few of them to nominate their favourite projects - here are the results:

Jimmy Holland - Project Manager refused to stick to the brief on this task and came to the table with two firm favourites with Rushton International and Avis. We let him off the hook because in all honesty - we liked them both equally too!

"Rushton at Airmic 2019 was a relatively small stand but with a strong theme - It was great to explore some different finishes and elements to create the ‘Greek Taverna’ for Rushton this year. They always come to every show with unusual themes and push the boundaries of creativity and exhibition stand design and I love that about them!" Said Jimmy. Ruston are a fantastic company to work with - they never want to follow the norm and nothing on their stand communicates what they do, preferring to let their theme, logo and sales staff do all the talking.

"Avis at World Travel Market 2019 featured a complete redesign and format this year. We created a really clean and stylish exhibition stand that utilised the space. Strong imagery showed off their key brands well." Comments Jimmy

Rob Brackstone - Managing Director felt there was an overall winner in his eyes due to the challenge of taking a comprehensive piece of brand work and sensitively transforming it into a retail style exhibition stand environment. Whilst the entire exhibition stand inhabited a footprint of over 200sqm, it was this particular element of it that made it a winner:

"My favourite was this aspect of the DKB Household stand at Ambiente where we took what had been a large investment in brand identity and retail environment creation by the client and produced it live in an exhibition space, adding our own spin and specification on finishes based on the budget and available materials. It looked stunning, showcased the ethos of the product perfectly and elevated the whole stand as part of the wider DKB portfolio of brands." Says Rob.

Matt Limb - Project Manager opted for a customer in a new segment for ESM:

"The Chanelle stand at the London Vet Show was my favourite, I felt this really stood out at the show compared to the stands around it, it looks really clean and bright” Says Matt. Chanelle were a new client for us this year and we completed two exhibition stand design and builds using some beautiful laminated finishes for a high quality result.

Ross Emerik - ESM Sales Director also found singling out a favourite exhibition stand design but in the end opted for a stand which demanded creativity on a budget to make a statement.

"It’s been another busy year at ESM, I know this because January 2019 felt like a week ago and here we are in December. They are always highlights and often difficult to single out just one or two. The start of the year always sees in one of my favourite shows, ICE totally Gaming, with 6 stands it was always going to be a busy one. The miles were racked up again as we travelled throughout Europe, including Germany, Amsterdam and Lisbon. With clients and partners both old and new from the automotive industry to the beauty industry and so much in between. Digital marketing expo’s have always drawn me in, something about these shows that I enjoy, the stands and attendees are diverse and shows such as Dmexco often bring a bit of glamour to the party."

"With these in mind, my highlight of the year was working with a new client, Data Xu. It’s often hard to stand out from the crowd at Dmexco with the likes of Microsoft, Facebook and Spotify spending hundreds of thousands of £’s on stands that take up half a hall so it was a challenge to create a design to do just that, especially when you factor into the mix that the venue failed to tell anyone that there would be a static fire point in front of the stand! Despite the challenges, we created a simple, stunning design using simple but unique finishes that enabled DataXu to enjoy not only a fantastic experience but a show that reaped rewards for them, proving to me that it’s not always about how big your stand is or how big your budget is, creative simple designs can be just as effective." Wise words indeed from Ross!

As can be seen, we have been lucky enough to work on a really wide range of exhibition stands this year. Thank you to all our clients for your custom, we look forward to working with you next year and a thank you to our team of exhibition stand designers, craftsmen and builders who brought these fantastic stands to life this year.

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