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Trade Show Graphics – Increase Your Impact

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

In a loud, crowded exhibition hall filled with distractions and competitors you have only 3 seconds to make an impression on visitors walking past your stand. Graphics must therefore work incredibly hard to communicate in as few words as possible, the benefits of your company, product or service.

There is always the dichotomy of whether to opt for a bold statement, or something more risk averse with your graphics. Most businesses are conservative, especially when it comes to trade shows. The cost of exhibiting at trade shows is a significant investment and the risk of a colourful or eye catching design can be something exhibitors want to avoid incase they get it wrong. However, this can work to your advantage; in a sea of blue, grey, white and black stands, having a stand which is markedly different gets you noticed so a good exhibition stand designer is key to success.

Thunkerkick exhibition stand designed and built by ESM
Going bold takes courage, but it will make you stand out

There is a reason why the B&Q, McDonalds, Vodafone and Coca Cola's of this world use bright reds, yellows and oranges – its because they immediately draw interest and stand out. Where and how you place your graphics will be crucial to success. Every situation is different, so here are a few areas for consideration:

  • A hero banner may need visual support from other elements in your stand in order to be impactful. Look at how you can follow the colour palette through the whole stand theme, from carpet to upholstery, cabinetry and walls.

  • If you are launching a particular product range or service, it might be worthwhile picking up on the colour associated with that product throughout the exhibition stand design. This will ensure the product gets the hero position it deserves, and can also help you pull away from any muted corporate colours.

  • Creative use of lighting can help draw focus onto certain graphics and enhance their colour.

FORPOS stand designd, manufactured and built by ESM
Lighting can help make graphics and products stand out
  • If you are using a lot of slat walling, consider printing graphics onto the slats so they become integral to your overall trade fair stand design.

  • Consider where you are placing certain products in your stand and have graphics printed around them – for example, if you are selling a range of storage jars, you could print graphics of cereal or fruit tumbling down the wall and position a jar so that it looks as if the jar is catching the food.

  • Add moving parts to graphics, the motion will help catch a visitors eye as they are walking past. When you consider that over 93% of communication is non verbal; the human brain responds more powerfully to images and videos than text, making a moving graphic or display is a great way to attract attention.

Datto trade show stand designed and built by ESM
Using strong imagery and graphics with little text can make a huge impact
  • Use images to your advantage. We process images 60,000 times faster than text, so when you are creating your graphics, double check whether all that copy is necessary. Your images may be of your target audience using your products, helping to drive the right customer to your stand, or try something more aspirational which your customers can identify with.

  • Make your USP obvious – by putting key features front and centre to emphasise products or marketing messages. You can utilise those few seconds you have when a visitor walks past to your best advantage.

There are many ways to stand out at an exhibition, so give the team at ESM a call to see how we can create something engaging and impactful for your next trade show.

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