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The Benefits Of A Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Whilst as a business model for companies like ours who depend on exhibitors having the freedom of expression that comes with a space only option, shell schemes may be restrictive in comparison. However, there are many benefits to a Shell Scheme Space that you should look to exploit. We discuss some of the key benefits which may sway your opinion on the humble shell scheme stand.

It levels the playing field. If everyone has a shell scheme stand your competition cannot go higher, block out the show, rig and pull delegates to their stand with high level branding, and spend their way to success because they have a bigger marketing budget.

You can focus on the environment you create rather than projecting an image. Delegates will inevitably be much closer to you during interaction so all your creativity can be focused inside the stand confines. Often a single clever idea can win the day.

To make the most of your shell scheme exhibition space here are a few top tips:

  1. Plan early and plan well. A day for build and a day for dressing means a little planning goes a long way as time disappears quickly, especially quickly if you are back and forth to Argos or Ikea whilst waiting for additional stock missed from your warehouse order to be delivered.

  2. Clutter is chaos, think about where you might store spare stock, coats and bags.

  3. Don’t cut corners, flaws and poor quality catch the eye and draw attention away from your brand and products.

Going LIVE is a precious opportunity to put your brand, values and products in front of a captive audience who are interested in what you do.

To make the most of the opportunities on offer at exhibitions be clear about WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY you are there. Be brave, be bold, but be professional and we have no doubt you’ll have a great show.

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