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Go Big Or Go Home?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020


It's that same old adage, the bigger the stand, the more you will get noticed and the more visitors you will dominate a hall - but with the current economic climate, budgets are getting squeezed and it's not quite so easy to splash out on a large exhibition stand.

In our experience, whilst large exhibition stand designs are indeed impressive and we love working on them because they are always a challenge from a stand design and build perspective, we also know that small stands can be just as impressive.

There will be very few businesses who will be doubling or tripling their exhibition stand space this year, in fact we expect the reverse will be the case, but don't worry because we have some tips to help make a smaller stand still make an impact!

1. Think About Your Display

Less is more in many cases and if you are downsizing, don't try to fit everything onto a smaller space, if you are selling products, display the new ones and best sellers. If you are selling services, focus on your graphics to make the message loud and clear.

2. A Change Of Perspective

It is common for clients to think of exhibition spaces in one way: Get an attractive exhibition stand design, load it with products and sales people, rinse and repeat. However, what if you used your space simply to hold meetings and as a respite for weary visitors. The stand below does just that with comfy seating and refreshments, it is welcoming and entices visitors to stay longer in order to re-charge their batteries.

We love this small exhibition stand by Rushton, every year they pick a theme and make it a fantastic success, from greek tavernas to a cool 70s vibe!

3. Carefully Consider Graphics

Your exhibition stand designer will help you with this part, but it is always good to have an idea of what you want on your graphics in order to set the brief. On smaller stands we recommend simple, powerful graphics which depict one theme or message throughout the stand. Visitors have 3 seconds to consider your stand as they walk past, so being clear is key to success

4. Think Outside The Box

Again, your exhibition stand designer will help with this but only if you instruct them to. If your brief is to stay within the scope of your previous exhibition stands, this is what they will design to. Some great examples of how innovative and creative exhibition stand design can make a small space really powerful are below. You might not want to be as colourful as Thunderkick, but how about thinking of your stand without the usual walls and instead create curves or interesting shapes with framework.

As you can see, with a little help from your exhibition stand designer, there is plenty of scope for a small exhibition stand. Why not speak to one of our team to see how we can help you with your stand requirements this year?

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